Welcome to the Modern Learning Environment

Prismworks Technology created a learning solution that bridges the gap between virtual and in-person learning. Using
innovative technology from HP, teachers provide real-time synchronous instruction to students whether
remote or at school. The solution promotes active learning, engagement, and inspiration.

Your teachers inspire excitement for learning. So should your classroom.

Customizable – The solution is tailored to your district’s individual needs and specifications.
Streamlined – One panel control simplifies the workflow for the teacher during the class.
Accessible – Meet the needs of different learning styles with ASL visibility features, live closed captions, recorded, content, and immersive reader
Interactive – Two-way communication promotes real- time teacher student engagement allowing for immediate feedback.
Flexible – Adaptable to different teaching styles, lesson plans, and grade levels using cutting edge video cameras.
Collaborative – Peers learn from each other no matter where they are by using breakout rooms for group projects and one on one interaction

See our solution in action at Susquehanna Township School District:

Contact Prismworks Technology for Your Complimentary Demo

At Prismworks we understand the complexity of visualizing new technology in your IT environment and testing its capabilities with
users. We provide a 30-day demo package that includes all the components and connections needed for you district to test our solution.