Industry Expertise

While Prismworks works daily with organizations in nearly every industry vertical to help them achieve their mission and goals, there are a few segments that hold the bulk of our client base.  This gives us unique insight and expertise to specific challenges and solutions that those segments may hold.


Working with organizations that are mission driven to help improve our communities is very important to us.  We regularly create unique and cost-effective solutions to help non-profits advance their mission.

Capital expenditures, budgeting and funding are all very different processes in the non-profit world.  Prismworks is well versed in these differences and stand ready to help overcome the unique challenges that face Non-Profit Organizations.


Nearly 20 years ago Prismworks was founded on a unique approach to serving the institutional learning organization.  While the technology has undergone consistent changes over the years our dedication to providing industry leading and cost-effective solutions has remained steadfast.  Whether the need is a fully outsourced solution, supplemental staffing or working with the in-house IT department to complete a project; we stand ready.

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Your residents have high expectations and can be rather demanding.  With tight budgets, increased demands, and a high risk for cyber attacks; proper management of Government IT environments has never been more important.  We are experienced at doing more with less and empowering employees to become more efficient through technology use.  Let us help you secure and increase the efficiency of your Technology.