Prismworks and Bloomsburg Area School District reached eight years of partnership this past September. Located in Bloomsburg, Pa., the school district serves about 1,560 students and 180 staff members with a goal of preparing its students to become contributing, responsible citizens and life-long learners with the ability to adapt and succeed in a competitive world.

Bloomsburg Area School District connected with Prismworks in 2015 after they received a referral from another school district using Prismworks’ services. As a school system with a smaller IT staff, Bloomsburg sought more support to meet the technology needs of its students and employees.

“We have a technology staff of three. That makes it challenging to support the district and implement new technology or get support on technology beyond our expertise,” said Gary Honabach, Director of Technology for Bloomsburg Area School District.

Prismworks has supported the school district over the years with a variety of technology initiatives. From moving their local exchange server to a hybrid Office 365 solution, implementing a Multi-Factor Authorization process for staff, and installing cloud-based backup and content filtering systems to fit the needs of the district, Prismworks has worked with Bloomsburg to provide multiple technology solutions.

Bloomsburg Area School District got to know many Prismworks staff members throughout their working history. They partner with IT Consultant & Engineer Adam Reese on sales coordination; rely on COO & Partner Josh Morey for implementation, support, and knowledge of all aspects of the district’s technology needs; collaborate with President Mark Crescenzi on wireless implementation, server consolidation, and content filtering projects; and connect with Technical Services Manager Mark Douglas, Engineer Matthew Knapp, and Implementation Engineer & Technical Lead Nick Wright for additional IT support.

Honabach expressed these Prismworks staff members have been cognitive of the district’s timing and concerns, as well as how they affect the district’s current technology.

“They’ve always had the answer or worked on a solution to each issue we contacted them about,” said Honabach. “Each project they worked on for us was completed as expected and in most cases, they went above and beyond expectations.”

According to Honabach, Prismworks has alleviated a lot of the heavy lifting of technology overhead for the district, and more importantly, freed the school system to focus on its main mission – supporting students and staff.

“We would recommend Prismworks for any technology related issues or concerns. We have not yet experienced an issue or concern they could not help us with.”

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