Are copies of your important files stored somewhere safe? If not, World Backup Day on March 31 is the perfect time to ensure everything from sensitive data to family photos is protected and secured.

Nobody is immune to accidents or theft that could result in the loss of important information. Read on for backup best practices you can implement both at work and at home.

Follow the 3-2-1 rule.

Cover all your bases with the 3-2-1 rule: save three copies of your data on two local devices and one off-site location. Using this system significantly decreases your chance of losing data. If your laptop gets stolen or a hard drive fails, you can rely on at least two other backup sources to retrieve your lost information.

Understand backup options and their capabilities.

It is easy to confuse cloud-syncing services like Dropbox and Google Drive as backup methods. Take the time to understand and learn about various backup options to decide what is best for your data. Visit the World Backup Day website to further explore backup solutions.

Guard against malicious intent with offline backup.

Go the extra mile in security with offline backup. Also known as cold backup, this data storage method is inaccessible to the network and remains immutable until needed for recovery purposes. Offline backup protects against cyberthreats, like ransomware, that can compromise all systems and devices on a network.

These best practices are applicable to individual and personal data protection as well as business and enterprise. Connect with a Prismworks representative to explore our comprehensive backup solutions, or email

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