Cybersecurity can make or break your business. There are over 4,000 ransomware attacks per day, which is up 300% from 2015. Staying ahead of potential cyber threats is more important than ever, and it is why Prismworks Technology is now offering proactive Red Sentry subscriptions to customers.

To ensure your assets are protected, we are offering External Vulnerability Scanning that keeps you secure and compliant 24/7/365. The subscription also includes Credential Monitoring which tracks and alerts when stolen or cracked credentials are discovered for sale.

The External Vulnerability Scanning subscription will help you:

  • Stay vigilant of security threats with continuous, automated scanning.
  • Improve web app security posture across all environments through automated vulnerability assessments.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities so you can act quickly.

We are also offering subscriptions for Internal Vulnerability Scanning and Cloud Vulnerability Scanning. Pick up all three subscriptions to maximize coverage of your data and ensure your environment is safe 24/7.

Discover your vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses against cyber threats. Implement Red Sentry in your business, organization or school today. Email to get started!

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