Prismworks and Shippensburg Area School District have a partnership that spans nearly 15 years. The district serves 3,600 students in south central Pennsylvania, and it requires a higher level of IT support than what it can provide in-house.

“By allowing Prismworks to handle our network, my staff can work on helping the students and teachers,” said Troy Stevens, Technology Coordinator for Shippensburg Area School District. “With a district of our size, it is not cost-effective to pay someone with the networking expertise and the costs to keep them certified.”

Stevens said the district has worked with many Prismworks staff members to resolve issues, and connecting was as easy as sending an email requesting support. He described working with Prismworks as getting fast reliable service with very minimal downtime.

“I like that we can submit an email and the problem gets resolved. We don’t have to waste time answering questions. What we need is just taken care of.”

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